Collection: Valances

VHC Brands

Quality Home Decor

Our valances come in a delightful array of colors - antique creme, black, blue, burgundy, and country red - each one designed to complement any room decor beautifully.

Variety of Valance Styles and Sizes

Whether your preference leans towards standard or balloon styles, we've got the right valance for your window. Our valances are available in various sizes, from 16x60 to a more expansive 20x90. This range of sizes ensures a perfect fit for any window size, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your room.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Mounting these valances on your windows is a breeze, with essential hardware provided for your convenience. They are also quite easy to clean and maintain while being extraordinarily durable. With proper care, your window can enjoy the rustic charm these valances bring for years.

Quality Valances at VHC Brands

While costs can vary, you can trust that the price tag on each valance reflects its quality. The premium ones offer additional advantages, such as enhanced aesthetics and durability. However, regardless of price, every valance carries the hallmark of VHC Brands' craftsmanship, bringing value to your windows and room.

Privacy, Light Control, and Decor Styles

Our primitive valances offer a level of privacy and light control, depending on their size and placement on the window. They are perfect for rooms where you want a touch of rustic charm or country style, complementing a range of decor styles with their versatile color options.

Shipping and Returns

VHC Brands offers a convenient drop shipping service for our primitive valances, facilitating a seamless delivery process to your window. Our return policy allows for a 30-day window after receiving your item to request a return, ensuring that every room fitted with our valances meets your satisfaction.