Collection: Bone Shape Rugs

VHC Brands

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Eco-Friendly Bone-Shaped  Rugs

Each bone rug is skillfully crafted from recycled plastic (PET), making them eco-friendly, safe, and robust. These rugs are waterproof and are great for use even outdoors. You'll find an extensive selection of rustic, primitive, and farmhouse patterns in colors like asphalt, black, dark tan, green, natural, and more. These bone-shaped rugs are perfect to suit any decor preference.

Sizes, Care, and Safety

VHC Brands' bone-shaped rugs come in two sizes - 11.5x17.5 and 15x23 inches, catering to different breeds and dog sizes. Despite their good quality, caring for these rugs isn't complicated. Spot clean with warm water as needed and lay them flat to dry, maintaining their premium look and feel. Safety is a top priority, and our PET materials are non-toxic, even if ingested.

Copied But Not Duplicated

Many have tried to copy our designs here at VHC Brands, yet none of them have been able to duplicate what we make. You’ll know you have an authentic item from us by checking for a product tag attached to it.

Shipping and Returns

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times. Orders for our bone rugs are usually shipped within 48 hours, extending to 72 hours during peak seasons, so your furry friend won't wait long. We also offer a 30-day return policy, provided the bone rug is returned in its original packaging and unused, giving you peace of mind.