Collection: Throws

VHC Brands

Quality Home Decor

We pride ourselves on our broad selection of throw blankets in various sizes (60x50 and 70x55) and an array of colors like black, burgundy, blue, country red, and more. You're bound to find the ideal throw blanket to enrich your primitive living room or country-inspired room.

Quality and Construction

Each throw blanket in our collection is a testament to premium quality and construction. These throw blankets are crafted from comfortable, durable cotton and shaped into a perfect rectangle. Our throw blankets embody elegance and practicality with premium construction, ensuring a long lifespan. You can trust these throw blankets to resist wear and tear while maintaining their rustic charm.

Price and Advantages

We offer a range of throw blankets to cater to various budgets without compromising quality. From average-priced to premium throw blankets, our collection provides options to suit your needs. The higher-cost throw blankets are especially known for their intricate designs and enhanced durability – worth every penny.

Care Instructions

Keeping your throw blanket looking fresh and vibrant is straightforward. Simply toss this throw blanket in your washing machine on a delicate cycle and line dry for lasting use. Rest assured, these throw blankets are iron safe, adding another layer of convenience. Investing in a throw blanket from our VHC Brands collection means investing in warmth, style, and timeless appeal.

Shipping and Returns

We understand your anticipation about receiving your new throw blanket. That's why our orders typically ship within 48 hours or 72 hours during peak season, so you can start enjoying your throw blanket sooner. Additionally, we offer a customer-friendly 30-day return policy, provided the throw blanket is in its original packaging and unused.